GIS Watch : E-waste reports.

Country E-waste reports, GIS.

The Global Information Society Watch (GISWatch) is a space for collaborative monitoring of implementation of international (and national) commitments made by governments towards the creation of an inclusive information society. The GISWatch Reports are a series of yearly reports covering the state of the information society from the perspectives of civil society. The reports, covering almost thirty countries, have a special focus on the E-waste. Consumption of electronic products and services are  increasing at an unprecedented rate, with the amount of accumulated obsolete equipment – electronic waste (ewaste) – growing over time. It may reach crisis proportions if systemic policy gaps, low public awareness and weak institutional capacities are not effectively addressed soon. These reports describe the emerging ewaste problem in the countries, with a focus on ICT waste. It summarises whatever statistics exist, and describes the countrys’ present ewaste “ecosystem”. It outlines the national policy and regulatory context, and lists some initiatives that address aspects of the problem. An initial action agenda for confronting the problem of ewaste is also presented.

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