Ethnography and waste, revue Etnografia e ricerca qualitativa, 2018 (Nick Dines eds)

Une livraison de la revue d’Ethnographie de la recherche qualitative, portant sur » Ethnographie et déchets »

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Sommaire :

– Nick Dines
Introduction. Ethnography and waste
pp. 5-10

– Isabella Clough Marinaro
Salvaging Rome. Roma waste traders and the city’s «garbage crisis»
pp. 11-32

  • Raysa Martinez Kruger
    Garbage governmentalities and environmental injustice in Newark’s Ironbound neighbourhood. A geographic, ethnographic and historical approach
    pp. 49-74
  • Alison F. StowellMartin Brigham
    Extractivism, value and waste. Organizational mining of e-waste in the United Kingdom
    pp. 75-96
  • Patrik ZapataMaría José Zapata Campos
    Waste tours. Narratives, infrastructures and gazes in interplay
    pp. 97-118

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